Change Source

Each device has (minimum) one source in LogView Studio. The source is the port where the data comes to the computer (so for example a serial port).

Normally the source will be specified and used directly when adding a device. Alternatively a source can also be specified or changed later.

Change Source

There are different ways to reach the source configuration of a specific device:

by double click on the relevant device name in the Project Explorer.
by selecting 'Source ...' inside the device context menu (right mouse click on the device) and opening the dialog window 'Device Configuration'.
using the Command Line Tool

The 'Device Configuration' dialog window will appear on the screen (except when using the Command Line Tool).


Devices with more than one source

A device may have (more than one) different sources, e.g. the OpenFormat can read data from various different sources. In this case the correct source must be selected and configured by selecting the related tab.


After configuring the device and source the setup dialog must be confirmed and closed with the 'OK' button.

Only one source of each device can be active (used) at the same time.

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