To read, log or import data into LogView Studio there must be added a device to the active project first. With the dialog 'Device and Source' the device can be selected and the source for this device can be configured.

In LogView Studio a 'device' is always the compulsory base for any further operation.

Menu Section


Hierarchy level

Main element of a Project

Procedure 'Device'

Requires an existing project (reloaded or new created)
Select 'Device' in the Input Section of the Menu 'Project'
Select a device within the dialog 'Device and Source'. Then specify the data source by selecting the tab 'Source'.
The device will be created always as a Main element in a project with all its connected Channels.

The quantity of connected devices in LogView Studio is unlimited. Two or more different devices can read / receive and store data simultaneously. A restriction is only given by the number of available ports of the computer or the computer resources.

Additional Information

Working with LogView Studio - Device

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