Command Line Tool LvCmd

LogView Studio comes with a Command line tool called LvCmd. This tool will run on Windows (uses .Net 4.0) and Linux like Raspberry Pi, Cubietruck, Linux x32, Linux x64 with the mono framework. Take a look at the previous Linux Prepare chapter how to get your Linux ready for running mono applications.


LvCmd can be used to run LogView Studio without a graphical environment. The following text will guide you through the steps of installing and using this utility.

Windows Installation

LvCmd is part of the normal LogView Studio installation. Normally it's located in the Program Files folder (..\LogView Studio).

Anyway you can download the ZIP file to a Windows system unpack and use it.

Linux Installation

Since there is no dedicated installer for Linux systems you have to do it manually. Just download the latest ZIP file for example with wget. Unpack the ZIP file and you are done.


Download File :


Sample from Raspberry Pi:

pi@rasp1 ~ $ mkdir lvstudio

pi@rasp1 ~ $ cd lvstudio/

pi@rasp1 ~/lvstudio $ wget

--2014-03-18 15:02:38--

Resolving (

Connecting to (||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 18710468 (18M) [application/zip]

Saving to: `'


100%[=====================================================================================>] 18,710,468  4.16M/s   in 7.7s


2014-03-18 15:02:46 (2.31 MB/s) - `' saved [18710468/18710468]


pi@rasp1 ~/lvstudio $ unzip



pi@rasp1 ~/lvstudio $


That's it. Only 4 steps and you are done with the "installation".

LvCmd Usage

Using LvCmd is a straight forward task. Create a project, add a device, configure the device and run the device. The next example is on a Windows 64Bit machine. Keep in mind that the usage is exactly the same on Linux and Windows. The only difference is that you start LvCmd on Linux with the prefix mono.


Create a project:

Just run LvCmd <projectpath> and you are done. Assume we will create our project in d:\data\project we would call LvCmd like this:

LvCmd "d:\data\project"

on Linux we would prefix it with mono:

mono LvCmd.exe "\data\project"



If you start LvCmd the first time it is possible that there are no database executables available. In that case LvCmd will automatically detect your system and download the necessary files from the LogView web page.


If the project is created you will get a command prompt like this:

Type "h" or "?" for Help. Enter for Command prompt.



Add a Device

Insert pa as a command (if you miss the command prompt just hit enter):

Insert the Device Id which you want to add to your project:

Insert Device ID : 5

Main    1    V 15:16:36.2168395 : Insert into Project

Main    1    V 15:16:36.2643455 : Create Table : d5_ch1_20140318_151636

Main    1      15:16:36.2648456 : SQL Statement

Main    1    V 15:16:36.2888487 : Create Channel for Device


Configure the Device

Press enter to get the command prompt back. Enter dc for Device Configuration.

CMD > dc



Select a Device from the Project


Device :   2 - Ultramat 18          (DevId :5)

Insert Device ID [<Enter> for Exit] : 2

Device  1    V 15:18:01.6581892 : Device found !



Select the Source for the Device


 1 - DsCom.DsSerial

 2 - DsCom.DsSerialLinux

Insert Source ID [<Enter> for Exit] : 1

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8828447 : [0] Type : [COM1] COM1 (Communications Port)

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8833448 : [1] Type : [COM3] COM3 (Intel(R) Active Management Technology - SOL)

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8833448 : [2] Type : [COM4] COM4 (Sierra Wireless NMEA Port)

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8833448 : [3] Type : [COM5] COM5 (Sierra Wireless DM Port)

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8838448 : [4] Type : [COM20] COM20 (Virtual Serial Port (Eltima Softwate))

Main    1    V 15:18:02.8838448 : [5] Type : [COM21] COM21 (Virtual Serial Port (Eltima Softwate))

Select Port : 1


Start the Device

Press enter to get the command prompt back. Enter da for Device Start.

CMD > da



Start the Device : Ultramat 18


Project 1    > 15:19:15.5915775 : ..HandleRawDatasets (setlast : True)

Project 1    V 15:19:15.5925777 : ..Process Channel : 1

Project 1    V 15:19:15.6020789 : ..Found 0 RawDatasets in ProjectBase Table

Project 1    V 15:19:15.6125802 : ..Found 0 Datasets (Break Set) in Table d5_ch1_20140318_151636

Project 1    < 15:19:15.6130803 : ..HandleRawDatasets


Stop the Device

Press enter to get the command prompt back. Enter do for Device Stop.



Basically that's all you have to do. If you want to see some data you have to use a web browser. The next chapter will cover this topic.

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