LogView Studio is the next generation milestone in collecting and visualizing data from various sources.

This manual will give you some information about using LogView Studio and its tools. Additionally it will offer some guidelines for special topics.

The most parts of this manual are in English. Only the most important Chapter are also available in German language.



About LogView Studio

Contains support, licensing and requirement information about LogView Studio.


Contains basic information about LogView Studio. It's a good advice to read this sections if you new to LogView Studio


In diesem Kapitel werden grundlegende Informationen für LogView Studio bereit gestellt. Wenn Sie neu auf dem Gebiet LogView Studio sind sollten sie die folgenden Kapitel aufmerksam durchlesen.

Linux Prepare

Basic information how to setup a Linux system to run LogView Studio (LvCmd)

Command Tool LvCmd

Information about the Command Line Tool LvCmd which runs on Windows and Linux


Here you will find developement information like OpenFormat


LogView Studio is created by

Dominik Schmidt      

Holger Hemmecke      


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It is not allowed to use LogView Studio for commercial usage. Contact us if you like to use it in such an environment.

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