Device Start and Stop

Each Device in the Projekt Explorer has a Checkbox on the right side of the name:


Activating this Checkbox will start the Device. That means the incoming data of the related Source will be received, processed and stored into the database.

This process can be stopped by selecting the Checkbox again (removing the activating mark):


Using a File Import or Binary Source the Checkbox is marked grey (deactivated). The process of reading the data will be started immediately after closing ('OK'-Button) the Source Configuration Dialog window.


Starting and Stopping is shown also inside the Logging protocol:

Mo 18:21:02.232 : [ 9, Serial    ] Open Port, Start IO Thread (Port : COM1)

Mo 18:21:02.251 : [ 9, Serial    ] GetSetting : COM1||\\?\acpi#pnp0501#1#{..}||9600||8||One||None||False||False

Mo 18:21:53.067 : [ 9, Device    ] Stopping Source

Mo 18:21:53.068 : [ 9, Serial    ] Stop IO Thread, Close Port

Mo 18:21:53.068 : [ 9, Device    ] Stopping Calc Thread

Mo 18:21:53.068 : [ 9, Device    ] Closing Database

Mo 18:21:53.081 : [37, Serial    ] Serial IO Thread stopped.

In case of problems the possible reason of the problem can be here.

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