Compared with other sources the File and Binary Sources are a special type of sources. When using a file source all the data are available immediately. Therefore LogView Studio start reading and processing the datafile direct after the user has confirmed the Device Dialog window with the 'OK' button.

The option to start or stop the device is not possible with File / Binary Sources (greyed out checkbox).

When the 'Device Configuration' Dialog is re-opened and confirmed again with 'OK' the file will be read and processed again!

A multiple import for more than one file is actually not (yet) available.

Import of more than one Logfile into a Project

Especially when using a device with File or Binary Source the user can be confused how to import different (more than one) logfiles. The right process would be the following:

Add a new device to the Project (once).
Specify the first logfile immediately when configuring the File/Binary Source.
Confirm the dialog with 'OK' and the first Logfile will be imported.
After that double click on the device in order to open the Source Dialog again (alternatively also possible with a right click on the device using the context menu by selecting "Source ...").
Then specify or select the next logfile and confirm the dialog with 'OK' (it is NOT necessary to add a new device)
Repeat the last two steps until all logfile have been importet.

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