LogView Studio and Network

LogView Studio is working excellent also in a network. That means primarily that various LogView Studio programs can connect to a common project via network. This is possible within a local network LAN / WLAN or even the world-wide Internet.

For a proper use of the Internet solution you must allow the opening a port of the router for an IP address and in best case you also have configured a DynDNS adress. To explain these procedures in detail will go beyond the task of this manual - but your favorite searchengine like Google should give you sufficient further information needed to proceed:
Port forwarding : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding
DnyDNS : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS

In fact each LogView Project is already a 'LogView Studio in a network'. Each project has its own database and LogView Studio connect to this database using your local network. When using such a standard project case the User is not forced to add further configurations.


The advantage of LogView Studio within a network is obvious: data can be logged into a common project from various locations and on the other hand the data from the common project can be read out from different locations.

In other words you can compare the networking of LogView Studio also with the setup of an internet newsgroup. There is one server located somewhere in the world and connected to the internet where the newsgroup software is running and providing the news - that is in our case the computer with the LogView Studio project collecting and providing the data. In the other case various different User from various different locations can connect to a newsgroup and read or write information. In case of the LogView Studio that would be further computer providing data to the one and common project or read out data from this project for further local processing.


Here are some sample configurations to explain the networking with LogView Studio:

"Basement Computer"
You have a computer in the basement running and collecting / reading data from some sensors e.g. a battery charger. From time to time you want to check the charging progress on the 'Basement Computer' but you are sitting in the living room in the second floor. Now it's not longer necessary to run down to the 'Basement computer' instead you build up a LAN or WLAN connection from your living room computer to the 'Basement computer'. Now all the information from project running on the 'basement computer' are also available on your living room computer.
Weather station
You want to collect and read out weather data from two different locations using a small Arduino system. Both stations can (also via Internet) provide their local data into a common LogView Studio project which is running on your computer at home.
Linux with more than one device
With Linux you can use the LogView Studio 'CLI' edition. The limitation on this is that you can use only one device. But if you start another LogView Studio CLI instance then this can connect to the same project and drop its data there as well.

Network devices

Beside the option of multiple connections to one common project LogView Studio offers also the option for different devices to provide their data via network into one common project. For such purpose the 'OpenFormat' offers simple options to connect a hardware to LogView Studio using a network. Further details you can find down under 'Development'.

Internet of Things

There is actually a big hype in the Internet called 'Internet of Things' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things). It is about advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of protocols, domains and application e.g. washing machine can send an email when the washing program is finished.

From the view of LogView Studio it can be said that there are lots of 'Things' available which can provide data. And LogView Studio itself can also work as distributor of data in the Internet.

If you like the 'Internet of Things' you will see that LogView Studio is also the flexible and multifunctional application for such purpose.

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