If you start LvCmd a small embedded web server is started as well. You can see it after the LvCmd start:

Web     1    V 15:14:32.6811525 : Webserver Port 8080 available = True

Web     1    V 15:14:32.6811525 : Starting embedded LogView Studio Webserver ...

Web     1    V 15:14:32.6821526 : Webserver IP Addresses [PDBDSCHN3] ...

Web     1    V 15:14:32.6826527 :   IP V4 :,,


So pick up one of the IP addresses and enter it in your web browser like this: http://<IP>:8080



If all works well you will get a list of available datasets. Click on a dataset und you will get a chart view:






At the moment the website is very basic. But it will get more features in the next releases.

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