System Preparation

For this documentation we use Lubuntu ( It should be possible to use this topic for other Debian based systems as well like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, ...


You can download 32 or 64 Bit images from the Lubuntu website:

System Installation

There are tons of information in the internet how to install Lubuntu. We won't cover the details here.

System Preparation

Install SSH
sudo apt-get install openssh-server
Ensure that you use English locals until LogView Studio runs!

From this point it would be ok to use SSH to connect to Lubuntu only.

Working on the machine directly would be fine, too.

Software Install / Update

Update the software package lists
sudo apt-get update
Update the installed software packages (this may take a while)
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Install some additional useful packages (maybe some are preinstalled)
sudo apt-get install sudoku htop git-core build-essential autoconf automake screen curl binutils
(It's always a good idea to have Sudoku installed :-)


General Information about Debian software installation / updates


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