Zoom und Pan

List of the Zoom- & Panning functions of a graphic (chart):


left mousekey -> rectangle  (from top/left to bottom/right)

Zoom rectangle

left mousekey -> rectangle  (from bottom/right to top/left)


left mousekey + STRG

only X Zoom

left mousekey + SHIFT

only Y Zoom

mousewheel rotate up

Zoom OUT at mousecursor

mousewheel rotate down

Zoom IN  at mousecursor

mousewheel rotate + STRG

Zoom x

mousewheel rotate + SHIFT

Zoom y

mousewheel rotate + SHIFT

Zoom from center


pressed mousewheel

X / Y panning

pressed mousewheel + STRG

X  panning

pressed mousewheel + SHIFT

Y  panning

Zoom & Pan

pressed mousewheel + mousewheel rotate

X / Y panning & Zoom at Mouse

pressed mousewheel + mousewheel rotate + STRG

X  panning & X Zoom at Mouse

pressed mousewheel + mousewheel rotate + SHIFT

Y  panning & Y Zoom at Mouse




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