The charts in LogView Studio can be configured graphically in various different ways.

Axis Style

For the layout of the charts there are three different basic formats available:

Left only
There is only one axis for all curves.
Each curve has her own axis on the left side of the chart. All curves are displayed in stacked mode.
LV Style
Each curve has her own axis displayed either on the left or right side of the chart.

The selection of the axis style can be selected in the 'Axis Styling' section of the menu 'Chart' -> 'Settings':

The 'compressed' versions combines similar curves on one axis. By using this for example the single cell voltages of a rechargeable battery can be combined on one Axis.

Context Menu

Each curve of a chart has her own entry in the 'Chart Control' window. By using the context menu (rightclick on the curves entry in the 'Chart Control') the graphical layout of the selected curve:

The menu offers multiple various options to format the graphical appearance of the selected curve. Additionally also the Axis Settings can be adjusted there (Endvalues, Offsets, ...).

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