Dialog for mysqld.exe

After the first start of LogView Studio you may see one or two firewall dialog windows:


LogView Studio is using a MySQL Database Server for saving data. Please select 'allow access' for private networks such as your home or work network for the 'mysqld.exe'

Dialog für LvGui.exe / LvCmd.exe

A similar dialog may appear also for LogView Studio itself. In that case the relevant files will be 'LvGui.exe' or 'LvCmd.exe'. These LogView Studio files need also access to the network in order to reach the database or execute Internet access. Please also allow them access to the private network.

If this access is not granted some functional errors may appear when using LogView Studio.

If you have a different Firewall installed the dialog windows may look similar. Also then you should allow access to the network for the 'mysqld.exe' and eventually the LogView Studio files 'LvGui.exe' or 'LvCmd.exe' if such dialog window will appear.


The installer prepares and installs normally a relevant exemption rule for the Microsoft Firewall.

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