Tool Windows

LogView Studio has some specific tool windows like the 'Project Explorer' or the 'Chart Control'. The buttons in this section of the 'View' Menu can be used to change the display status of the various tool windows.

Menu Section

Tool Windows


Select one of the available tool windows buttons in the section 'Tool Windows' to close or open the related tool window.
Alternatively the tool windows can also be closed with their little 'X' symbol in the top right corner:
The tool windows can also be minimized using the 'Pin'. The 'Pin' will change to horizontal position indicating the windows actual 'minimized' status. The windows will be the reduced to a tab at the screen border:
clip0172 clip0173
Moving the mouse over the tab will reopen the minimized window, selecting the 'Pin' again will change back the display status of the window ('Pin' displayed in vertical position).
Further option in this section is the button 'Auto Hide All' to minimize all tool windows in one step.

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