A Folder is used to organize the Project. A Folder can also have multiple sub folders. Only Datasets can be moved into Folders using the Drag and Drop function to arrange a better overview of a the Project. Devices, Channels or Live Views can not be moved.
In case a Dataset will be moved to a Folder, all related existing View of that Dataset will be moved as well.

Menu Section



Select 'Folder' in the 'Organize' Section of the Menu 'Project'
In case there was no Folder selected (highlighted) before, a new Root Folder will be created.
In case thee was a Folder selected (highlighted) before, LogView Studio will create a new sub folder.

The Folder Function is also available in the context-menu of the Project Explorer ('Insert Folder'). Folders can only be created below (or parallel to) the Device tree hierarchy but never direct inside the Device structure.

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