What is LogView Studio?

LogView Studio is a free Software to read and process different data values of various different devices. The main focus is actually on the hobby model building market where many dataloggers, battery chargers and telemetry units are supported by LogView Studio. Beside that you can use LogView Studio also for your own developments. The device itself plays only a minor role. As soon as you know the communication protocol of the device in question you can normally start logging the data.

After successful received / reading and storing the data you can do process visualization in various different graphic formats. Also Export and saving in various different formats is possible.


LogView Studio differs from other Software by some unique selling propositions:

Any quantity of devices can be used simultaneously (limited only to the number of usable resources of your computer)
The received data will be stored in a database. This database can be used for your own developments of data analysis or applications.
The data storage is completely decoupled from the data output process.
LogView Studio is network-compatible. Data can be logged on different computers and stored in a common project.
A command line Edition is available and also compatible with LINUX. LogView Studio including the database can even run on a Raspberry Pi.
Various reports can be open active simultaneously.
Receiving/reading data can be done through various input ports like serial, network, or directly from files. Even a cyclical request of a webpage could be realized.
A built-in webserver for fast presentation of the data within a network.

Additional Information

Quickstart - quick starting a project with one device

Sample Project with several devices

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