What is a Project?

A Project in LogView Studio is some kind of a 'container' where all the data are collected and stored. Various elements like devices, data records, graphics etc. can be added to such a 'container' called 'project'. The items are sorted within the 'Project Explorer' window in a tree structure which allows a good overview and control of the whole project.

A project can also be extended by adding individual folders (context menu 'Organize' - 'Insert Folder'). Hereby you can sort and group your data to your individual preferences.

The User is completely free to specify the individual meaning of his project. This is a very flexible option and there are many different ways possible how to organize a project:

Collecting all data for a specific device only like battery charger in one project.
Collecting data from various devices in one project which have a common theme like e.g. all devices and data related to a specific flight model: Battery charger, flight data logger, etc.
It is also possible to collect and organize all data and devices related to hobby modelling in one project only but this is not recommended as the overview can probably be lost when too many various devices are collected within one project only.

Finally it remains to the User how to organize the various devices and data and which devices are collected in one specific project. LogView Studio gives just a higher-level framework for this purpose.

Only one project can be active at the same time.

The quantity of elements like devices, data records etc. within LogView Studio is unlimited and only restricted by the available computer resources.

LogView Studio saves the data not in one single data file but in a specific project folder.

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