What is a Dataset?

A Dataset is a connected block of data which have been created by a device for a specific channel. A Dataset is always related to a specific Channel and is movable to your self created folder within the tree structure of the Project Explorer.

Most easy way to explain and understand the function of datasets is using a sample case study:

A battery charger in a standard case can be used to charge or to discharge a rechargeable battery. After start of the charging process LogView Studio will create a dataset called 'Charging' (see sample screen below). When the charger shifts from Charge to Discharge mode LogView Studio will create a new dataset called 'Discharging'.

(Remark: The final exact naming depends on the selected device and provided data. Normally it contains also the type of the actual connected battery type depending on the actual selected mode settings of the charger. Furthermore it may contain the date and time info when the data or the dataset has been created.)

A dataset is a logically accumulated group of data within the database. A dataset is used as a reference for chart views like a graphic screen in order to select and find the relevant data from the database. A dataset itself does not create a graphic (or chart view) automatically and should not be equated with that.

A Dataset will be created automatically by the device after activating the data processing.

Sample Screen


1 Device

2 Channel

3 Dataset

4 Chart View (static)

5 Chart View (live)

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