GUI / CLI - What's that?

From time to time you you will see the expression 'GUI' or 'CLI' (or even 'CMD') Tool.

Explanation GUI

GUI is the abbreviation of Graphical User Interface. In other words it's a software which can present a graphical display instead of text only. From LogView Studio the GUI is the most commonly used and known application.

The file which starts the LogView Studio GUI edition is called 'LvGui.exe'.

Explanation CLI

CLI is the abbreviation of Command Line Interface and CMD or Command Tool means basically he same. It is a software program which runs in pure Textmode and will run typically within a Shell. With LogView Studio CLI there are no graphical outputs possible.

The file which starts the LogView Studio CLI edition is called 'LvCmd.exe'.

Comparison and differences

Following table shows the different functions of GUI und CLI


GUI (LvGui.exe)

CLI (LvCmd.exe)

Quantity of parallel useable Devices

unlimited - restricted by computer resources only


graphical Output via Views

yes - limited by computer resources only


Running on Linux


yes - using Mono Framework

Needs of resources

high - depends on the extent of the Project


Debug Properties

User Interface must be started before

fast and direct

Basically it can be said that both versions have their own advantages and disadvantages. It always depends on the result what the User expect when using LogView Studio.

For the 'standard User' the GUI is in most cases and will be the competitive edge.

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