If you use OpenFormat Zero there are some points you have to know in order to get it working with LogView Studio.


Line Start / End

Every data lines (including the headers) start with $ and ends with \r\n (0Dh, 0Ah).


Every dataset has it's header

Every dataset in OpenFormat Zero starts with it's own header. The smallest header is a simple dataset name:



A dataset is a block of data which has it's own Entry in LogView Studio.


$N$;Logging 01



$N$;Logging 02




Result in LogView Studio:



Decimal separator

You can use . (dot) or , (comma) as decimal separator. LogView Studio will convert it automatically to the correct value which is used in your system.

Be aware of sending data with 1000th separator like this:


Send values without the separator:



Default Time

OpenFormat Zero uses the time when a package is received as time stamp for the data as Default.

Take a look at the Time format chapter for more information.


Column, Data, Factor, Offset and SumOffset count must be the same

If you send a header followed by data you can transmit some information where the count must match.

First of all your Column count must be the same as your Data count.

If you send additional Factor, Offset or SumOffset values the count must also be the same as your Column / Data count.

Good Example:

$C$;Temp 1 [°C,T];Voltage[V]





Bad Example:

$C$;Temp 1 [°C,T];Voltage[V]





Two lines have different item counts !


Watch the samples

Things will get more clear if you take a look at the attached samples.

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