Each dataset contains some header information and 1-n lines of data. The data lines represent the values you want to store in LogView Studio.


Some general notes for data lines:

Must start with $
Must end with CR LF (\r\n)
If you add a time value ensure that it is not in HEX format
The data item count must be the same as the column name count
You can send the values in HEX format if you set %V%;HEX in the header
The Decimal separator can be . or ,
LogView Studio will transfer it automatically to the correct system separator.
Don't add a thousand separator
Values are separated by a ; sign


Sample data lines:




Invalid data lines:

1;2;3\r\n                No $ at the beginning

$1;2;3\r                No \n at the end

$1:2:3\r\n                wrong separator

$1.000,3;2;3\r\n        thousand separator added





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