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  1. charlesmartin1

    charlesmartin1 New Member

    I saved my logview data and it has an "lov" extension but now my computer won't read the data and at one time it use to, it now says it can't open the "lov"extension.

    1. how can I read my saved "lov" files with the computer not recognizing the "lov" extension

    2. Is there a way to convert the "lov" to something computer will read?

    I am running window 7 pro OS
  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    I told you that in the other thread. Please don´t open multiple threads for same issues.

    LOV can be read be LogView. It´s that simple :)
    If you need something else you have to export your data. But LogView V2 has no easy build in function to export all datasets.

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