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    I have recently purchased the Turnigy Accucel-6 80W, which has a dedicated USB port.

    The charger will work reasonably well with the SkyMaster software "Charge Master" which deals with PC based control & basic graphing but will not allow you to capture & export the data.

    I've tried using LogView Studio but it appears it cannot read the actual data - just returns zero values. It does however know the charger is there as a USB device.

    My suspicion is that SkyMaster have used a proprietary format for the USB data stream and so LogView is failing to read the real data from the charger, even though it is communicating.

    Are you aware of this problem?
    Are there any plans to add support for this charger?

    Many thanks, Rich.
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    Oh... what I forgot to add to the above. Is there anything I can do to help?:)

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