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    Just been using View log Studio with Jinsi 3010B charger.
    Just cant seems to get time issue sorted.

    By default when in any charts... the system time is reflected.
    I would like it to show duration instead of PC system time.

    The button "Set Start to 0" when clicked seems to cycle thru different time formats.
    I can see that it will also show duration (from 0 and counting up) but then it will show 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ( all zeros) along the time line.

    in Logging area:
    it shows:

    (System date) : [Gui ] Wrong Format (and system time)

    how do i resolve this?

  2. Ian84

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    really....no one can shed some light in the English language? might try the German one.....:rolleyes:

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