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    I used LogView with a chinese clone of a Bantam E-Station BC6 and the time recorded by the LogView differs from the time on the charger's LCD. In fact, the time recorded by LogView slowly remain behind and after one hour the difference is about 8 minutes. The time on the charger's LCD is OK because I tested it with a watch. The operation was NiMH charging. The operating system is Windows XP Home SP3. Tested on two computers: one based on Intel and one on AMD chipsets and processors. The charger doesn't have USB or RS232 nativelly so I added a TTL inverter in the charger to act as a 232 chip. Is it possible to exists communication errors between charger and PC and those erroneous telegrams to reflect in that delay. So, can I view in the LogView if there was some telegrams that was received with bad CRC?

    Why the time arrival of every telegram rely on the PC's clock and is not embedded in the communication protocol thereby sent from the charger?

    Alexandru Petrescu
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    Hi Alexandru,

    all Bantam chargers (and I think the clones too) don´t send the data in a second based step. They all have different timesteps which makes it really difficult for us to calculate the correct time in LogView.

    If you need a correction for your time problem you have to change the TimeStep_ms value in the INI file.

    This TimeStep represents the time in milliseconds from frame to frame.

    Let´s make an example. Your actual setting might be 1000. And one hour recording are 3600 data frames with 1000ms.
    Now you need a "faster" calculation of your time. This means your TimeStep has to be higher than 1000.

    1000 : (52 min * 60) = x : 3600
    x = 1000 : 3120 * 3600
    x = 1153,846
    x = 1154

    This should correct your time problem.

    Please ensure to change the value in the correct INI File. They are located in:
    ..\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data\LogView\Geraete

    Please let us know if this fixes your problem.
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    Hello Dominik,

    Yes, adjusting the TimeStep improves the situation.

    Can you send me the description of the bytes in the telegram? I found only the voltage when I was looking for the timestamp. And I didn't spent much time also.
    And why you rely on the time period between telegrams? I think is better to rely on the computer's clock to generate the timestamp of the telegram.

    In my attempt to discover the meaning of the bytes sent by the charger I tried to read the flash of the microcontroller but guess what? The chinese decided to protect the firmware stolen from Bantam. Like it would be possible to manufacture a charger in this class cheaper elsewhere but in China.

    Alexandru Petrescu
  4. Dominik

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