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  1. lucca brassi

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    Hoply won't be a problem if I ask in English language :)

    I have charged my battery pack with POWER PEAKĀ® B6 EQ-BID

    charging time for 12V/11Ah battery pack was nearly 14h. ( excellent communication through UART bridge btw.)

    now i have graph of charging with time scale of 14h and i saved is in .lov format (7,394KB)...and picture .png BUT when i like to reopen it again timescale is shorten or cut ?
    Opened graph shows only 1h,7 min ( full scale ) also table stops at that time

    What is wrong ?

    Thanks and Best Regards Sandi




    ( can't upload pictures .png 100k from my computer )
  2. Holger

    Holger LogView Team

    Hello Lucca,

    after the last charging procedure, the last data set is displayed in the graph.
    If you open a saved file, the first data set is shown.

    After selecting the interesting data set, the correspondig graph is build up.


    Best Regards

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