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  1. lolozzr

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    Hello, the data are bad in " analog view " with the charger Junsi 106 + (I CHARGER 106 +)

    I put in red the values correct

    Capture junsi 106+.JPG

    What is that I can change these values,

    thank you
  2. lolozzr

    lolozzr New Member

    UP !! thank's
  3. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi !

    Well that´s ok for the V2 Version. This view is a little bit historical grown ...
    We show only the first four values of the devices.
    In case of the Junsi this are Vin, Vout, Current and Cap.

    Actually there is no way to change this.

    LogView V3 will have the ability to use gauges on the values you need.
    Take a look at this: http://www.logview.info/vBulletin/downloads.php?do=file&id=8

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