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  1. blacktornado

    blacktornado New Member

    I'm trying to use logview as live data from unilog installed on rc powerboat. I made with a big support of a friend a Bluetooth connection. It seems it works but I choose as a device unilog and in graph data I have only A1 ( unilog has 3 sensor input , in my case 3 temperatures A1 A2 A3). How I can get also A2 and A3 ?
  2. Holger

    Holger LogView Team

    Hello blacktornado,

    there is no reported issue concerning the communication between UniLog and LogView.

    As first I have a few questions:
    Did you set the correct config for the UniLog inputs?
    Can you read proper values with the excell application from sm modellbau?
    Which version of LogView do you use?

    Regards, Holger
  3. blacktornado

    blacktornado New Member

    Version is Now it works perfectly. The problem was I took as a device the unilog and I expected to have already all data included A1,A2 and A3. I was trying to find some settings. I powered unilog , Bluetooth modules and pc connected to the BT modules and suddenly it was working great. All temperatures came out automatically. I didn't understand how to have only graphic without color line and specs on both sides.
    The program is great.
    Thank you

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