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  1. jOHNF

    jOHNF New Member

    I can't seem to get logview to talk to my cellog8s on windows 8. Are they comparable?
  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi !

    Actually I have done no tests with LogView V2 and Windows 8.
    But in general it should work. did you try to run LogView as an administrator?

    Did you get any exceptions or warnings?
  3. Mark Olivet

    Mark Olivet New Member

    Hi Dominik --

    I have Windows 8.1, and have tried installing the latest version of LogView. It installs, but much of the wording is still in German instead of English -- to the point where it is unusable. Have you done any more testing with Windows 8.1 64bit? If it is not known to be compatible, is there a version of LogView Studio that would be compatible with Windows 8.1 64bit? I really am anxious to use your software with my iCharger 308 Duo!! Thanks in advance for your help.

  4. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mark,

    in the last months I did no tests with Win8 and / or 64 Bit in conjunction with LogView V2.
    But what I did was intensively developing LogView Studio. And I can tell you 2 things:
    1. It runs perfect on Windows 8 / 8.1 and in 32 and 64 Bit
    2. It handles all Junsi charger (including the 308) pretty well
    So you can contact me at dominik att logview dot info to become a testuser (LogView Studio is not released yet).

    btw. Studio is completely developed starting with english as Default language. So that could be Handy for you :)

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