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  1. bem

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    I use a Fusion Emperor L702B Pro charger that display LiPo battery resistance during charging http://www.fusion-rc.com/instructions/O-FS-L702BP.pdf

    I use LogView

    I read in LogView Help that Live data should be able to show battery resistance (Ri/Zelle in mOhm).

    In my Live data window I can not see Ri/Zelle.

    Would it in future be possible to have this shown?


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  2. Dominik

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    Hi !

    That depends on your charger.
    Your charger doesn´t send such data. So we can´t show it ;)
  3. bem

    bem New Member


    Thanks for the answer. So I suppose my charger firmware needs to be modified by Fusion so this charger also send resistance data out via USB. The charger display battery internal resistance during charge so at least it can be seen in the charger LCD display.


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