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    First, I want to thanks for this fantastic program. ;-)

    I wonder as user enriqueq said 3/05/15 in http://logview.info/forum/index.php?threads/enriques-laundry-list-of-logview-studio-problems.6695/

    Is there a way to reset "live charts" before an operation begins - besides creating a new project like it does in the old LogView? For example, it appears as though live charts depends on a single database for multiple operations such as a charge, followed by a discharge, followed by a charge, regardless of how much time elapses between the operations or whatever. Thus, when live charts is activated it often shows results for multiple operations strung together in weird ways.

    And.... Is there a way to show LARGE digital view in LV Studio like it does in the old LogView?

    Thanks for all help.

    Best regardĀ“s


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