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    In this short article I will describe how to install the CP210x driver kit on Windows Vista. It seems to us that this must be a really tricky task. So lets see what we can do ...

    First of all ... disconnect your device from the USB port !

    This article describes the installation of the CP210x original driver. There might be customized CP210x drivers where the installation is a little bit different !

    1) Uninstall
    I think you have done some tests with the installation of the driver. So the first step is to remove all the old crap. Go to your control panel -> "Add Remove Software" and uninstall everything you could find from SiLabs / CP210x:

    First warning ...
    You need administrative rights to be enable to uninstall the old stuff. So If you are not logged in as an administrator, please do so ... Or use the elevation dialog to run the uninstall as a different user.

    2) Download the driver 5.3
    It seems the the actual driver (5.40) has some trouble issues. So it's a good idea to install the previous version 5.30. Since the download is no longer accessible from SiLabs you can download it right from here:

    Unpack the files from the package to a new directory.

    3) Install the driver
    You may have noticed that the drive is not connected until now. Keep cool and wait until the driver is installed successfully! So if your device is connected now - remove it !

    Now start the CP210xVCPInstaller.exe from the unpacked files. Again you need privileged user right to install a software like a driver! You are not able to install the driver as a normal user.
    The best way to install the driver correctly is to open the installer directly with an administrator user. So right click the CP210xVCPInstaller.exe file and select "Run as administrator" or "Als Administrator ausf├╝hren".

    If you are already logged in as an administrator there is no need to enter a password for a different (administrator) user.

    If you get it done to run the installer as an administrator you will see the installer window:

    Just hit Install and wait ... After some minutes you will get a message box "Installation completed successfully". You are almost done.

    4) Connect the device
    Now connect the device to your computer. You will get two balloon tips...

    The first one tells you that there is a new device connected and windows searches for some proper drivers.

    The second one shows you that the SiLabs CP210x driver was used and successfully installed.

    You will get these balloon tips only the first time you connect the device. After that you will only hear a "pling" ....

    5) Start LogView and see the results ...
    Select the port you just have installed:

    Start recording and enjoy your new installed device driver :)

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