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    I know similar questions have been answered before, but I have been unable to find a concise answer.

    I have an application that logs voltages, altitudes and similar from a RC helicopter.
    I would like to log these data using OpenFormat (I currently Log to CSV).

    However, I would like to log to file, and then show this file in LogView. Note! I do not plan to show this in LogView in realtime!

    I would create a OpenFormat INI file to describe the OpenFormat Log.

    The questions:
    1. Is it possible to import a OpenFormat log, or can this only be streamed over serialport?
    2. If it is possible to import. What is the proper procedure and menu options to do this?

    (I tried by using one of my previous OpenFormat INI files, and making a dummy OpenFormat log file, then trying File->Open to open the log file. This did not work. Am I supposed to use File->Open? or is there some import menu that i cannot find?)

    Thanks for great software

    Best regards

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