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  1. NeilP

    NeilP New Member

    Just wondering if it is yet possible to import data ?

    or is this a feature that is still being implemented.

    I have text files, as attached, that are exports from a e-bike (Cycle Analyst) data logger.

    The CALog is the Ah, volts, amps speed and distance reading
    the GPSlog with a corresponding number is the GPS data from that same journey.

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  2. Dominik

    Dominik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi !

    Data Import is not directly possible, yet. This will be a future Feature in LogView Studio.
    At the Moment you could try to convert the data to OpenFormat Zero style. It´s not that hard to do that ...

    If you like just give me a note. I will describe it for you.
  3. NeilP

    NeilP New Member

    I have not had any time to look at this since I read your last message, I been very busy with a broken arm :(

    Just wondering how far in the future? is it now available ? I can not see it yet.

    Yes please. if you could describe the process to convert the file attached in my first post, to Open Format Zero.

    Thank you

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