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    Some additional info about Flytrex data analysis in LogView Studio

    During tests of different FLYTREX *.fpv logfiles we found some DJI specific facts which can cause confusion to the User as follows:
    Starting point was that the "Heading" output in LogView Studio sometimes is zero without any values. This is not a damaged compass or incomplete recording of the DJI datastream by Flytrex, but is caused by different GPS boards inside the different DJI Phantom Versions.

    The Phantom 2 (or maybe also other versions) has obviously a different GPS-board than Phantom 1 and the Compass is not longer connected to the GPS-board but directly to the Copter Mainboard, therefore there is no compass telegram available in the GPS cable which are recorded by the flytrex module.
    see here:
    To catch the compass informations with the Flytrex module, it looks like it is only possible by changing the GPS board to an edition with compass port to connect the compass direct to the GPS board or probably the flytrex cable can be connected between EXPO Naza connector and the Copter mainboard. But this was not yet investigated and has to be verified - it is just a first idea from above internet entry:
    Conclusion - The NAZA doesn't give a toss about what module you need. It just wants to get GPS and Compass info into its EXPO port. You can use a leg mounted compass from any version (its just a compass) and then choose whether you want to buy an old GPS module (with socket) and run the compass calbe to it in the top shell or for a cleaner isntall, buy the P2 GPS and run the compass cable to the P2 board.
    The only real restriction is trying to use a P2 GPS board when you have a Phantom 1 board (or upgrade board).
    The DJI GPS Firmware information seems to reflect this situation, because the Hardware notation on the GPS boards are always the same regardless if with compass connector or without:
    "Phantom GPS
    DJI 11-22-V2"
    You can find enough pictures in the internet if you search for "DJI GPS module"
    It is also indicated by the GPS Firmware ID: seems to be those without compass connector, and less are with compass connector and with full communication including the compass data.

    We can not display any Heading values, if they are not recorded in your Flytrex file. That does not mean that the compass is damaged or the cable is broken. In such a case just verify if your compass cable is connected to the Copter mainboard as described above. All other results / values in LogView Studio Flytrex analysis are confirmed as good.
    Some enthusiast developers may countercheck if the flytrex cable can be inserted e.g. in the CopterMainboard->NAZA_EXPO connection to record the full datastram. Maybe somebody has investigated this option already. Then please revert here with your findings. Thank you.

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