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    I've been using LogView Studio for a few months now, with an iCharger 206b, and have had a lot of problems. It generally works, but it crashes a lot when I use 'live charts' and has a number of other 'little quirks' that are mostly annoying... I figured I'd start this thread and document some of my problems and any solutions, maybe in an ongoing fashion. For starters, here's copies of a few of the emails I sent to the developer, describing some problems. Never got a reply, though. I did figure out one solution to one problem - that's copied below, too... The text below moves from oldest to newest.

    * * *
    Something is wrong with a live chart in one of my projects. When I try to open the project, the loading process gets to the juncture at which LogView tries to open the live chart and then shuts sql down instead. It also crashed prior to this; it often crashes when dealing with live charts, but heretofore I have always been able to re-open the projects... I'm working with an iCharger206b, Windows 7...

    Here's the few log lines at the juncture at which the project stops trying to load:
    Fri 17:14:42.908 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node Live Text - Type : LiveText
    Fri 17:14:42.938 : [ 1, View ] Text View Created - Use Table : d30_ch1_20150219_133408
    Fri 17:14:42.978 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node Live Chart - Type : ChartMoving
    Fri 17:14:43.558 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node nomem1 dschrg2 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Fri 17:14:43.578 : [ 1, Gui ] File Open
    Fri 17:14:43.958 : [ 1, Main ] THREAD PART
    Fri 17:14:43.968 : [ 1, Main ] Index was outside the bounds of the array.
    Fri 17:14:44.088 : [ 1, DB ] Shutdown MySQL Server at Port : 2804

    Is there some file I can edit, a project file for example, that will allow me to bypass this step in the loading process and enable me to load the project? I don't care about the live chart; I just want to be able to open the project. The project itself has a lot of data I need... Anything I can do to open this project, stop it from shutting down?

    Thanks for your help. -eq

    Forget it. I figured it out - I edited the logviewstudio.xml file in the project's folder, deleted the stuff having to do with live chart, and the project opened fine...

    Do you plan on revising this software? It crashes a lot working with live charts/data... Plus, there's quite a few clunky aspects that could be improved. If you're interested in suggestions let me know. I tried to join the logview forum but I can't post anything there... -eq

    Is there a way to reset "live charts" before an operation begins - besides creating a new project? For example, it appears as though live charts depends on a single database for multiple operations such as a charge, followed by a discharge, followed by a charge, regardless of how much time elapses between the operations or whatever. Thus, when live charts is activated it often shows results for multiple operations strung together in weird ways (and it often results in the application crashing). Here's an example of something I'd like to avoid:

    Here I'm trying to view a single charge operation, yet those data are being interwoven in weird ways with the previous discharges...

    It'd be nice to be able to simply reset the live chart at-will, before an operation, so that only data for that operation will be displayed. As it is, it's often quite unworkable... Is there any way to do it? Some 'set-up' parameters that can be changed or a command that can be inserted into 'the programming', somewhere??

    Any help much appreciated. And, as before, I can't post to the online forum yet, for some reason, needing approval - otherwise this would have gone there... -eq

    * * *

    That's it for now. At the moment, I'm unable to open a project again, sql keeps shutting down when I try to open the project. Haven't figured it out yet. Here's the lines from the log file at the juncture at which sql shuts down, similar to what I described above, though not exactly the same. I tried what I tried before, which worked before, but it didn't seem to work this time:
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Load Items from XML
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 chrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 dschrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 dschrg1b - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 chrg2 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 dschrg2 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack2 chrg3 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack1 dschrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 cell 13 chrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 cell 13 dschrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 cell 13 chrg2 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack1 dschrg2a - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 c1-5 d2b deep - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 c7-11 d2b deep - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 c13 d2b (dschrg3) - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node p1 c14-15 d2b deep - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, DB ] Create new Node pack1 chrg1 - Type : ChartStartStop
    Mon 06:17:29.232 : [ 1, Main ] THREAD PART
    Mon 06:17:29.242 : [ 1, Main ] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Mon 06:17:29.302 : [ 1, DB ] Shutdown MySQL Server at Port : 2804

    It'd be nice if I could just start a new project yet import everything from that old one... Can't seem to find anything that explains how to do that, however. I'll keep you posted if I figure out any fixes...
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    Hallelujah. I got my project open...

    First, let me explain what created the problem. My household power went out briefly and my computer shut off while I had a LogView Studio project open, though I didn't have any active logging going on. As I mentioned above, after that I wasn't able to open the project. Previously, when LogView crashed and I wasn't able to open a project, I ended up editing the logviewstudio.xml file in the project's folder; I opened it in MS Word and literally cut out the parts associated with 'live charts' and 'live text'. After that I was able to open that project.

    This time I tried the same thing but it wasn't working. So, I downloaded a free XML editor (MS XML Notepad) and started combing through the xml code and comparing to xml code for a project that did work. Long story short, I ended up deleting the reference to the last item I had been working with - and that did it. Not very savvy or fancy, but it worked and I'm happy about that.

    So, moral of the story: you should probably download one of these XML editors and be prepared to tweak the logviewstudio.xml file in the project folder once in a while. If you're having problems opening a project, chances are it has to do with live charts, live text, or perhaps the last item you were working on when the project crashed...
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    As I open one of my projects, here's a couple things that come to mind that I'd like to see implemented in a future version of LogView Studio:

    -when I right click on an object in "project explorer," such as a database item for a battery charge or discharge, I'd like to be given the option to "Add Note" or "Add Comment" plus "Edit/View Note" or "Edit/View Comment." Projects can quickly develop a lot of items, and often I'm needing a quick way to add some notes that describe what the item is. A short title is rarely enough. Alternatively, if there were one menu command, one place that simply activated a "Notes" notepad-like document that could be written to, that might be good enough. The Notes document would be saved with the project, in the project folder, and anything the user wanted to write about the project and project items could be added there, in bulk fashion... As-is, it's a little cumbersome to have to create a separate 'notes' document and save it with the project, opening and closing it when notes about each project item need to be noted...

    -I wish the project explorer didn't automatically expand project items when the project is first opened. I create folders and put items in the folders to reduce the clutter - and then I have to minimize them every time the project opens. When a project is opened, the project explorer should return to the last state when the project was closed, or at least have every folder minimized rather than open...
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    I guess my last complaint is this complaint. Only now I REALLY can't stand the way all items are opened in Project Explorer when opening a project. I've got many many items and every time, I need to click EACH ONE closed. It's absurd... Maybe add a right-click command that enables closing/minimizing the folder tree, if default opening is the way it's gonna be...

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    It has been about 9 months now using LogView Studio with my icharger 206b. One of my projects crashed yesterday so that's pretty much what brought me back here...

    The crash and 'fix' were similar to the other couple of times I described earlier, only this time the crash didn't seem to result from anything unusual, and the 'fix' took me much longer. Basically, I couldn't open a very large project - kept getting the 'error reporting' window - and LogView Studio would close. I noticed that the last two items in the 'project explorer' window weren't actually showing up there (a couple of battery charge operations); I opened the XML file in MS XML Editor, saw that they were there. I ended up deleting those and a couple references to a live chart and live text and was finally able to open the project... Not sure which aspect was 'the fix'...

    But anyway, in general I've been able to avoid the things that make LogView Studio crash or LogView Studio projects crash; for example, never try to manipulate a 'live chart' while it's drawing, such as by clicking the scroll wheel and trying to move or resize the graph; disable the device, live text and live chart before you close; save before you close (save regularly)...

    A couple other things, things I'd like to see implemented:
    -database items in the project explorer should be appendable - the user should be able to combine items easily into a single item. For example, when I 'cycle' a battery, the operation should be a single item in a single chart, not a 'charge' item, a 'wait' item, and a 'discharge' item. The whole cycle process should either be 1 item or all the pieces should be appendable.

    -The 'garbage' operation -- is garbage. Not only does LogView Studio often create multiple items for a single operation, by mistake (for example, a single charge often ends up being multiple charge items in project explorer), but then when you try to delete all those items it takes 3 steps for EACH ITEM to delete them all. It's absurd. You have to send an item to the 'garbage', then you have to delete that item from the garbage, but then you have to confirm the deletion -- and you have to do this for EVERY single item you want deleted... One needs to be able to select multiple items and delete them in at most two steps - or at least let me empty the garbage in one step. It's just bizarre...

    -I already mentioned how items in the project explorer should be minimized upon opening a project, not expanded, or how all the window states/views should be saved and restored upon opening. That's a major irritation every time I open the software...

    -One should be able to put amp-hours/capacity on the x-axis rather than time. Maybe there's a way to do that - but I haven't found it. I've tried a few times...

    -Some things aren't saved in chart templates (such as axis labels), and I can't find a way to swap where sensor variables are drawn on a chart. For example, sometimes I'd rather have cell voltages right next to the axis rather than say total voltage or capacity. But there doesn't seem to be a way to swap those positions. And, if you start moving the order of sensor variables in the 'chart control' window - beware, weird things happen (for example, the wrong data will start showing up, say capacity values in the colors that you have chosen for voltage or power)... Basically, it's really risky trying to do anything new - because you never know what's going to happen...

    -One thing that would help a lot and maybe circumvent some of the cludgey-ness of the software is to make items from project explorer exportable to and importable from project to project. That way when problems happen I could at least import into another project... There should be a menu item that allows the user to import all or some of another project into the current project; there should be a menu item that allows the user to export some or all of the current project into a new project...
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