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    Yes, thank You.
    I was afraid that translator will not generate usefull text :(..

    I have MegaPower Infinity 960SR (aka PPI3), using bluetooth module with SPP to connect PC. And LBA10S+ and LSB12s balancers.
    Downloaded latest version o Logview including the fix (v

    All data seem to be OK, BUT is "messpausen" is checked, graphs are broken into random parts time by time (perhaps momentary data transfer error).

    With "messpausen" unchecked, all graphs are OK, however, they end right as the charger beeps END.
    There is voltage before start of charge, and there is also voltage bounce after end, which I am interested to see.
    Also, balancer will not stop right with the end of charge, so I am also curious about cell voltage changes past the end of charge.

    I see serial data comming from charger all the time, regardless on charger activity. I would be glad for example for a check box in setup, meaning "show all data regardless of charge mode in single graph".

    P.S. - this is my first real use of LogView, so I can not edit configuration well enough. A little space between maximum value and the graph border would be welcome, as the use of zoom function will stop automatic time zooming. I can not workaround this, yet.

    P.P.S. - The graph legend showing all 12 Lipo cell voltage colours, took all my notebook screen, leaving no space for graph itself. Could they fit a single line?

    Thank You for the attention, and the great job collecting all the infos about chargers.
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    Just few ideas how can I live much better with Logview.

    The Problem with graphs broken into random parts is not solved by messpausen checkbox.
    Sometimes it runs well, but next charge or discharge is splitted into random parts.
    A friend of mine with Orbit PocketLader reported the same problem.

    And there is no way to join those pieces of single charge, no way to save of original text data comming from charger, no import of those data if logged for example using SD card into a file. I can not use Your Logview program..

    * The behaviour of Lipo cells while being balanced past the charge end, remains invisible, anyhow I tried - it is next important point to me.

    * With two port charger, "Live Data" window shows values of last started activity, regardless of channel selected in toolbar - once You start receiver battery charge at second charger output, the "Live Data" will never show values like voltage, current and mAh charged of main charger output.

    * Perhaps my bad, but I can not make 12 voltage axis of each cell to show as a single axis, even if I have learned how I can work with them as with a Group, and the cell colors can be shown at the bottom below graph. They are wasting a lot of space for void.
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    MegaPower 960SR (Robbe PPI3) End of charge

    End of charge is not visible at all.
    I mean that graph shows no current drop neither voltage change, LiveData windows shows current that was the last actual, charge mode remains "automatic charge"... nothing at all.
    Serial data are passing by, visible in HEX values, but really nothing is shown in Logview program.

    The program simply stop accepting charger data. But do not even display that is stopped, it just halt at once without erdrawing the screen (but everything works, of course.)
    If it would NOT detect end of charge, or charge mode in general, at all, it would be far better, than this.

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