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  1. justin

    justin New Member

    I cannot change the .INI file - it is stuck at TESTFORMAT LADER. I have made my own .INI and it shows up in the DEVICE - CHOOSE DEVICE AND PORT along with the correct COM port. However I get garbled data and the serial debug shows I am still using the TESTFORMAT LADER .INI.

    Is there anything else I need to select - the .INI I made is in the right folder.

    I have reinstalled twice and updated to latest version and back to old.

    I have modified my data stream to match the cluster size of 44 and 38400 baud rate of the TESTFORMAT LADEN and the RX light goes green and shows correct data in the serial logging window but nothing on the graph (or other screens).

    I am running windows 7 x64.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is an excellent program! I may even be able to find a few dollars for the devs if I can get it working :)
  2. Dominik

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    Hi !

    You can not create your own INI file place it in the folder and got a working a device ...

    Every device needs its own Class for data decoding. Or you use the Openformat which is a general purpose data format.
  3. justin

    justin New Member

    Thankyou very much Dominik - I have an openformat profile going now! Was just wondering - I'm sending data but cannot seem to get anything. Could you please verify my data string is valid?


    Single channel, single stream, no time send, 8bits data 1 stop bit,no checksum.

    Was wondering if I have the checksum part right - if I'm not using it do I just leave out the field, put zero in there or a blank field (double semicolon like time send field)?

    Thanks very much for your help!

  4. justin

    justin New Member

    Figured it out

    I have figured it out after reading the instructions again :)

    When not using the checksum the field is set to zero, I am now getting solid coms up to 115200 baud.


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